At some time, everyone will face adversity.

It does not take much to see that there are unsettling things going on in this world. The news is full of Disasters, terrorism, crime and economic woes. We see more and more people finding it harder to make ends meet and we see the rumbling of unsolvable social issues.

Is this world coming to an end as the bible says it will?

Or is it signs of good things to come after we get through the bad? You might have heard the saying “it will always get worse before it gets better”

What is going on?

Whatever the answer is to these questions it is prudent for us to get ready.

What would happen if some of the things that we are hearing about in the news starts happening to you?

Are you going to be ready for it? Or are you going to be like most other people and dismiss the signs and just live your life for now.

On this site you will find resources that will not only help prepare you for the eventuality of adversity but will also give you ideas and tools that will help you get through it.

The meaning of adversity - Collins English Dictionary
1.  distress; affliction; hardship
        2.  an unfortunate event or incident



This section has information on Bible Promises, Future Predictions, Spiritual Preparedness, and Other Resources that God has given to help us in times of adversity. 


This section has information on Depression and Anxiety, Greif, Stress and other emotional issues that can arise form adversity. 


This section has information on things like Food and Shelter, Plans, and Other Resources that can be used to prepare and survive a disaster or a time of adversity in your life.

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