Our Mission

Our goal and our mission is in two parts.

  1. To show people who Jesus is through our lives and the way we treat each other.
  2. To encourage people to have a living relationship with their Creator before it is too late.

How we operate

The Mountain Meadows Charitable Trust is a faith-based ministry.

This means that we rely on God for our resources to run, for the direction we should go, and to bring people that will help us with our mission.

From our charter.

To provide services beneficial to the community by way of the support of persons in need and the advancement of education, having special regard to the needs of persons who face adversity in their life, as well as those who are disadvantaged by reason of youth or age, infirmity, disablement, poverty, race or social or economic circumstances.

To develop and provide training programmes, counselling, medical and support services which equip people with life skills in order to assist them to develop good character, healthful lives and positive attitudes.

To create Media resources, which support and assist the community and help us reach our goals


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